Why Texas Electricity Prices Are Rising & How You Can Save Money

In this blog, we’ll discuss what’s causing electricity rates to be high as we head into Summer 2022. We’ll also show you what Energy Ogre is doing to make sure our members are being put in the best Texas electricity plans available at this current time.

Jul 28, 2022


What's an Early Termination Fee (ETF)?

Some people interested in Energy Ogre are faced with a choice: Do I pay the early termination fee with my current provider now or wait until my contract expires? The good news is that we can help you decide!

Apr 1, 2022


How Do I Sign Up with Energy Ogre?

Chances are if you've been looking to save money on your electricity bills, you've heard of Energy Ogre. A friend, co-worker, or family member may have recommended u

Mar 7, 2022


7 Potential Red Flags Regarding Electricity Plans

If you've lived in Texas long enough, chances are you've run into an unpleasant experience dealing with a Retail Electricity Provider (REP). It's not surprising with all of the tricky ads, teaser rates, and confusing terms. Energy Ogre understands how ogre-vating it can be to determine which plan gives you the biggest bang for your buck. There are several red flags regarding electricity plans that we can monitor.

Feb 11, 2022


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Why Pay Energy Ogre $10 a Month?

Why Pay Energy Ogre $10 a Month? Why should I pay Energy Ogre $10 every month? This is probably one of our favorite questions to answer as Energy Ogre doesn't just enroll you in an electricity contract and call it a day! In addition, we offer numerous services and work every day to help our members throughout the year

Feb 23, 2022


Deregulated Cities in Texas

In this blog, we will explain what "deregulated' means in the context of the Texas electricity market, what the benefits are of a deregulated market, and we will provide a list of deregulated cities and ZIP codes to help you determine if you live in an area open to competition.

Feb 15, 2022