Energy Ogre vs Energy Simply + Real Reviews from Each Company

As Texans, we’re either looking up college football stats or researching the best electric company in Texas, because the only thing worse than a fumble is an unexpectedly high electricity bill. Luckily, Energy Ogre has been sharing how to save on electric bills since 2014 and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Of course, several competitors have entered the space and we figured we’d offer a little competitive analysis. Energy Ogre vs Energy Simply: Which one is worth it? Read on to find out.

Energy Ogre vs Energy Simply: What’s the Difference?

Both companies provide a similar service: they make it easier to find the right retail energy provider. In the deregulated energy market in Texas, you have the power to choose which retail energy provider (REP) you want. Sounds good in theory, but when there are more than 2,000 plans to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming. Both Energy Ogre and Energy Simply shop Texas electricity plans to find the cheapest one for you, but there are a few key differences in our services. See what we mean below.

What is Energy Simply?

Energy Simply claims to find you the best Texas electricity plan automatically. They’re a small team who prioritizes the customer and works independently of any electricity companies. That being said, the CEO is a former electric power industry consultant, so he has experience with REPs that others may not have. 

How Does Energy Simply Work?

Just as Energy Ogre does, Energy Simply tries to find the best electricity plan for you, switches it at expiration, and continuously monitors for savings throughout. So, what’s the difference? Well, when it comes to determining the best kWh rate, several factors have to be considered. The algorithms Energy Simply uses to predict and calculate electricity bills may be different than ours. For example, Energy Simply only calculates based off four factors: your zip code, the billing month, the bill amount and your kWh usage.

How Does Energy Ogre Work?

In the same way that Energy Simply aims to find you the cheapest energy plan, Energy Ogre takes into account a few extra variables to ensure your rate is always the most cost-effective. For example, we’ll ask you what type of heating your house uses? That element can significantly impact your bill—and we never want you to be surprised. Our system interprets each REP rate entirely—meaning we consider all the extra fees, delivery charges, and taxes. This helps us to discern the actual cost per kWh at any consumption level, so no matter the usage, there are no surprises.

With this information, we're able to give a strong prediction of how much an electric bill with that rate would be in dollars and cents for a given month.

Once we’ve selected a plan for you, we help set up your autopay if you’d like. While you’re in a contract, we’ll do market checks to make sure you’re still in the most cost-effective plan for you. If a better one is available, we’ll let you know and share the option to switch. When your contract is up for renewal, we’ll handle the whole process for you! 

If you want to see how much you could be saving by using our services, check out our Savings Calculator!

Electricity Savings Calculator

Energy Simply Reviews: Pros & Cons

Energy Simply has mostly positive reviews—and that’s unsurprising as any service that lowers your electricity bill is sure to have some happy customers! However, the only negative reviews mention inconsistent customer service. This could be due to the company’s small size. Without the manpower to sustain so many customers, response times may be slower and representatives may be less attentive. Energy Ogre, on the other hand, is a much larger company with many more satisfied customers. One of our main missions is to provide excellent customer service.

Energy Ogre Reviews

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “is Energy Ogre worth it,” we’re here to share a few of our favorite reviews:

Nickie, a busy entrepreneur, noticed her electricity bill seemed higher than expected. After months and months of higher-than-expected costs, she found Energy Ogre and made the switch. "Using Energy Ogre has been a home run for me and my family!" She immediately saw the difference in her bill and couldn’t be happier she took the time to do something about her energy costs.

Energy Ogre is Houston born and bred, so we were beyond pleased when Mike Pede, Associate VP for Alumni Relations at the University of Houston became a member in 2015. Whose house? Coog’s house! He trusts our team to ensure he never overpays for electricity—and without having to sift through all the options himself, he has more time and energy for what matters most in his life. 

Like most Texans, Sharla wasn’t aware of all the electricity providers available when she moved to her new area. She asked neighbors who told her there were only two options, so she went with the “cheapest” one of the two. When her contract ended, she found Energy Ogre and was pleased to see her new bill was now only paying half of what she was used to. "Not only do I love getting a better value for my money, but I really love the customer service that Energy Ogre provides."

Choose the Best Electricity Shopping Service in Texas

 If you’re looking for a company to shop Texas electricity plans for you, there are always going to be Energy Ogre competitors. But remember—we were the first. Our ultimate goal is to find the best electric company in Texas to help you save money on your electric bill. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering fearless consumer advocacy! Because as renters and homeowners, there’s enough on your plate, so let us handle your electricity plans—hassle free.

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